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By filling in the activation form you agree with us obtaining a copy of your ID and driver's licence. Those copies and information in them will be processed in the verification of your registration. All information regarding the processing of your personal data and your rights to you in this context is given in the Privacy Policy.

If you do not want to submit a copy of your documents and still want to register to Uniqway, please visit one of our registration sites listed here.

If you don't do so, we will keep your documents for 14 days so you can register. If you don't register your documents will be deleted.

In a student language: Don’t worry about photos of your personal documents. After the check and activation of your account, those will be deleted.



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ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab s.r.o.

Our goal is to develop entirely new mobility solutions for our customers. We generate and develop ideas, test them, and turn them into customer-oriented products and services at rapid pace to enable new era of mobility today, where driving is easy, safer, more efficient and comfortable.


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The service is operated by ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab s.r.o.,
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