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Czech Technical University

CTU is engaged in many fields of technology. One of the most important is transportation. CTU implements many research and development projects because the theme of modern mobility has been examined at the university for more than ten years.

The project Uniqway meets the activity scheme ideally. It offers students practical use of their knowledge gained during their studies, as students develop all hardware and software.

The developed system at CTU enables collecting and analyzation of significant amount of data because one of the goals of Uniqway is understanding the technical background of managing the vehicles, particularly by the driving beginners, to which the university students undoubtedly belongs.


Ján Tomlain
Electronics master
I have been working on the project Uniqway from the very beginning. In the preliminary phases, I dedicated technical visions of the system and its future routing. Recently, we work intensively within the HW group of tech team on the system modules for vehicles. I am the principal designer of electronics and programmatic equipment for Uniqway.
Ondrej Tereň
Vehicle visionary
I have been working on the project Uniqway since 2016. My task is the cooperation within the hardware team on development, production and assembly of electronics modules for vehicles so that they can integrate into the system of Uniqway. In my free time, I enjoy cycling and motor flying.


Marko Šidlovský
Project coordinator
In the project Uniqway, I have grown up in the technical team, within I still design and implement the web admin app. Now I work as the student CEO, and I spend most of my time by coordinating all team members and cooperating within all teams.
Richard Vachula
Backend administrator
I am in Uniqway since her birth. Together with other team members we have transformed the idea into a functional system. I develop mostly the backend part and coordinate our technical team.
Filip Ravas
Backend administrator
In the first stages of the project, I was responsible for the infrastructure and the development of a mobile app. I have yielded the app to the new members. Now I concentrate on the infrastructure and backend of our service.
Václav Švec
Backend developer
I have joined Uniqway team in the spring of 2018. I help with the development of backend. I have learned a lot of new things, which I often use at school. I met great people thanks to Uniqway.
Michal Černý
iOS developer
In the Uniqway team, I am responsible for the development of the iOS app. I have been developin for the Apple devices for a while and I am glad that I can use my knowledge in this great and unique project.
Jakub Jun
Web frontend developer
I have joined Uniqway at the beginning of 2019, so I am still quite new. I am in charge of programming the face of web My hobbies are fitness and volleyball with my friends.
Rostislav Osvald
Android developer
I am a member of Uniqway team since summer 2018. I am involved in the development of the Android app, which brings me personal and career growth, but most importantly, I enjoy it a lot. I find Uniqway as an exciting project with great people.
Štěpán Severa
Backend developer
I joined Uniqway in the summer 2018 and since then I am involved in the Android app development. Presently, I mostly engage on developing backend and in the creation of client web app. In my free time, I ride a bike and practice archery.
Nikita Bondarev
Backend developer
In Uniqway I work on it’s software, exactly backend, part. I’ve joined the project not so long ago and right after the first year of university. I hope, I will be of benefit for it as much, as it is for me.


Filip Hámek
In Uniqway, I work as a designer. Our team has prepared the graphic and visual identity of the websites and mobile app Uniqway. We have designed merchandising products. I enjoy doing the graphics for new startups and Uniqway enables that.
David Ondroušek
I joined Uniqway one year after the launch. I have met group of amazing people, learnt many new things and found how things work in a real life since that time. I am a part of design team where I mostly work on mobile app design and website design. I also participate in graphics for marketing projects.


Marek Horáček
Uniqway visual identity has gone through a long development, during which we have created a unique brand. My work consisted of the established brand together with UX/UI design. I see significant potential in carsharing. In the future, I would like to develop a contemporary new phase of transport.

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