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Corporate Governance at ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab
Whistleblower system
Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at WV Group and its companies. The Whistleblower system offers a discreet and reliable opportunity to report the violation of applicable laws or internal regulations at the company especially to its employees, but also to the business partners and other persons who has a concrete suspicion of such behaviour. The Whistleblower System acts according to the principles of protection, fairness, trust. These principles apply equally to whistleblowers and those affected. The aim of the Whistleblower System is primarily to avoid possible damages that might affect our company, our employees and business partners in case of regulatory violations.
Handling of the reports at the company follows the below listed principles:
  • The whistleblower can submit the report at any time and in any language.
  • The whistleblower can choose from various options for submitting the report (see below).
  • The whistleblower can submit the report anonymously or give his/her name.
  • Strict confidentiality is maintained throughout the entire process of report handling („need to know“ principle).
  • An investigation will be initiated only after the facts stated in the hint are taken into account and the reasonable suspicion of a rule violation is carefully assessed.
  • Reports are investigated fairly, quickly, and in a sensitive manner.
  • The person, who submits the report, has the right of the protection of the whistleblower on the part of the company according to the relevant internal guideline.
  • Affected persons are treated fairly and presumed innocent as long as a rule violation is not confirmed
  • A Serious Regulatory Violation is an action that significantly affects the interests of the Volkswagen Group or one of its companies, in particular interests of reputation or financial interests, or that significantly violate the ethical values of the Volkswagen Group.
  • Management employees are obliged to report any suspicion of a Serious Regulatory Violation immediately to the relevant offices.
  • The abuse of the Whistleblower System will not be tolerated and is considered as a Serious Regulatory Violation.
The following options are available to the whistleblowers for submitting their reports (at any time and in any language):
Personally to Central Investigation Office Volkswagen*
Central Investigation Office (K-ICW)
Porschestraße 1, 384 40 Wolfsburg (centrum)
By post
Central Investigation Office
Box 1717
38436 Wolfsburg (downtown), Germany
By telephone
toll-free number +800 444 46300 (availability 24x7 incl. the possibility to communicate in Czech)**
If your local telephone provider does not support the toll-free service, you can call the following chargeable number +49 5361 946300 (not a toll-free number).
By e-mail address
By secure online reporting channel
By contacting the Ombudspersons (external lawyers)
  • The Ombudspersons are external neutral lawyers appointed by the Volkswagen Group and are available to the whistleblowers for accepting the concerns.
  • The services of Ombudspersons are available in different languages incl. Czech.
  • The Ombudsman as a lawyer is the subject to the duty of confidentiality and therefore hands over only the information, which the whistleblower wants to hand over to the Central Investigation Office.
  • The identity of a whistleblower is handed over by the Ombudsman only if the reporter explicitly requests so. The Ombudsman never investigates the reports by himself, he only examines the reports with respect to their legitimacy and credibility.
  • You will find the contact details of the Ombudspersons on the following websites:
You will find further information regarding the Central Whistleblower System at VW Group:
*) In such case please write to e-mail address in advance in order to arrange a meeting.
**) If there occur technical problems with the availability of the hotline, please use the other listed reporting channels to report your concern to the Investigation Office.


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