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Who is Uniqway?

Uniqway is the first student carsharing. As it was all developed by students, it is tailored to fit their needs. All students and employees of all universities in the Czech Republic can now enjoy the benefits of the sharing economy and flexibly travel not only in Prague.

The members of the Uniqway team gain valuable career experience and develop their soft skills, which they try to present to Uniqway community by organizing workshops, events and competitions for the community, e.g. the lecture with students CEO's - “How have we moved off with Uniqway?”. Uniqway is not just service; it is a community, which interconnects students and employees across universities.

What do we value?

Uniqway community


We interconnect students from different universities and by mobility we help them to achieve their goals. We are interested in our users' opinions and suggestions, we welcome the feedback because our goal is that Uniqway meets their needs.

We try to come with new ideas and innovations to make Uniqway even better. Waving from oncoming Uniqway car always make us happy!

Student approach

Our services are provided in the way, which enables students to move off with us. Not only our users do not pay for fuel, but also we take care of vehicle services and each car is available the motorway tax sticker, phone keeper and charging cable.

Our offices for registration completing and parking zones for borrowing and returning Uniqway cars are located by the universities and their campuses. We welcome all questions and we try to solve everything effectively as soon as possible.

Students using Uniqway
ŠKODA Fabia available in Uniqway service


With us students can experience more than just a ride to school or dormitories. Our users can borrow a bike rack, a roof box and we provide them also UTA refueling card for rides abroad. We keep Uniqway cars clean, with filled tank and in the most used parking zones.

Our story

  1. 13.3. 2015

    On Friday 13th the first idea of a student carsharing hit us.

  2. 2015

    Concept development, collecting information from abroad, research among students.

  3. Spring 2016

    The first concept of our service was done.

  4. Summer 2016

    The future users choose the name Uniqway.

  5. Spring 2017

    For the first time, we opened the car successfully by a student card.

  6. Summer 2017

    The development of Uniqway app for Android.

  7. December 2017

    We took over the first new cars.

  8. June - September 2018

    We inaugurated the testing running of our service. The first users tried Uniqway.

  9. 17. 10. 2018

    The official service launch.

  10. January 2019

    We have Uniqway iOS app.

  11. 16.5. 2019

    We have just registered in the 1000. user.

  12. July 2019

    We launched the service for all universities and also we allowed our users to take our cars for a trip abroad.

  13. September 2019

    Uniqway took part at icebreaking courses for freshmen at partner universities.

  14. 17.10.2019

    We celebrated first birthday and a new car joined our fleet - Chemiq (ŠKODA KAMIQ).

  15. November 2019

    New cars joined the fleet, 7 at all.

  16. February 2020

    #3 team hackathon took place and pushed the service forward.

  17. March 2020

    We joined the project #SKODAAUTOhelps to help with the situation around COVID-19.

  18. April 2020

    We have launched the online verification of users.

  19. May 2020

    26th May 2020 we added the first electric Uniqway to the fleet, the Škoda Citigoe iV.

  20. July 2020

    7th July 2020 the Reward Shop for users was launched.

  21. August 2020

    We joined LinkedIn.

  22. October 2020

    Uniqway celebrated its 2nd birthday.

  23. November 2020

    2 electric CITIGO were added to the fleet.

  24. December 2020

    We have added 3 more SCALA models to the fleet.

  25. January 2021

    We have presented a new fleet design.

  26. 11. 3. 2021

    4th Uniqway team hackaton took place (for the first time completely on-line).

And what next?

We are constantly working on improving the service, for the greater comfort of our users, for example we opened a zone at Václav Havel Airport. We take care of our fleet, so that the cars are clean, disinfected and always where they are most needed, following this by adding, modifying and expanding parking zones. We have also already expanded our community to include all universities in the Czech Republic, and our users can travel to all countries of the European Union and the Schengen area with Uniqway. We are also trying to expand our fleet to meet the dimensions of the service and the growing number of users, in short, so that everyone who needs a car can find oneand does not have to travel across half of Prague. We have already included two dozen ŠKODA FABIA models in the service, several SCALA models have been added to the service, and our users have also tried the top of Mladá Boleslav electromobility, the ŠKODA ENYAQ iV. Now we welcome the newest member, the ENYAQ COUPÉ RS iV, the sharp sibling of the all-electric ENYAQ iV. We are also open to graduates of Uniqway's partner universities, and we ensure the operation of the service in Mladá Boleslav as well.

So what else are we planning? Technical features to make riding with Uniqway easier and more comfortable. Adding cool rewards to the Reward Shop, more relevant zones, and adding more cars as we go along.

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Our goal is to develop entirely new mobility solutions for our customers. We generate and develop ideas, test them, and turn them into customer-oriented products and services at rapid pace to enable new era of mobility today, where driving is easy, safer, more efficient and comfortable.


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