První český carsharing pro studenty a zaměstnance ČVUT, ČZU a VŠE

By students for students

The service is made from its beginning to fit our needs – students’ needs.

You don’t have to worry about nothing

Service, insurance, winter tyres and toll sticker. That’s all in our charge.

Friendly community

We want to enrich members of our community with unique experiences and new friendships. In the case of active involvement, you will receive many bonuses.

Pay only for what you have to

If owning a car isn’t worth it, you are on the right place. You pay only for what you have travelled. No registration fees.

Who are we?

We are team of students from three universities ČVUT, ČZU and VŠE. Together with ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab and ŠKODA AUTO and other partners we create a unique cool service.

We support the sharing economy.

If owning a car isn’t worth it, pay only for what you have travelled.

Overtake others.

Get involved in the creation of our service. Gain valuable experiences and enrich your CV.

Simple. Fast. Cool.

We enjoy working with modern technologies.

How does it work?

Fast and without worrying in four steps


Preregistration take place via a form at our web page. After filling the form, you have to come to the contact place at your university (ČVUT, ČZU, VŠE), where you will personally finish your registration. The complete registration takes only a few minutes. You will need your driving license, your ID and your student card.

Addresses of universities

How much do I pay?

Trip with friends
Business meeting

4,90 CZK/km
29 CZK/hour

Including all related costs.

You pay only for the first 10 hours of your 24 hours ride/reservation.

Škoda Fabia

Vehicle configuration:

Engine: 1.0 TSI 81 kW
Fuel: Petrol
Gearbox: Manual six-speed.
Features: Air-conditioning, Keyless locking and start, USB connection, Phone holder, Phone charging cables
Color: Grey Quartz metallic


Everyone in our community plays an important role, so do you!

Cooperation. Friendship. Contacts. Entertainment. Benefits. Trips. Experience. Adventure.

What am I expected to do in the community?

If you want, we will involve you in Uniqway and you can develop this cool service with us. And not only that. Most importantly, you can improve yourself as the slogan says: #rozjedsesnami / #makemovewithus / #startwithus.

What are my possibilities?

If you want to broaden your horizons, apply for a workshop. You can see on excursions in partner companies, how it works in practice. Do you need to have a rest? Discover the magic of new places by going on a trip. #rozjedsesnami / #makemovewithus / #startwithus.

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Mobile application

Through our mobile application you can easily locate, borrow and find out exactinformation about car condition. After finishing your trip, mobile application will allow you return the car and pay for the ride.

Uniqway App

Download our app here:


What if I am a student from different school?

At this moment, Uniqway offers its service only within ČVUT, ČZU and VŠE because students from these universities stand by its formation and development.

Where can I rent or return a car?

You can rent and return a car only in the assigned areas and parking places that are mostly located near workplaces and halls of residence of the partner universities and in the parts of the city without paid parking. You can find all these places in our app. When you see the button Uniqway lighting green, it means that you are in this area. You can park on different parking places but you have to pay for it. When you want to return the car, it can't be in a paid parking place, in a residential parking zone or in the place, where stopping and parking is restricted or forbidden.

The parking is signed as a zone and is behind the barrier. How can I get there?

In the passenger compartment are parking cards for all universities. Find the right one, load the card and you can park the car.

Can someone go with me?

Of course, other people can go as fellow-passengers but only you can drive.

Where can I drive?

You can drive across the Czech Republic. There is no possibility to drive abroad yet.

How do I pay?

When reserving a car, we will block 200 CZK on your bank account. In the case of insufficient financial means on your account, you won’t be able to drive. You will receive an invoice after finishing your drive, where you can see how much your drive costs. This amount will be automatically deducted from your account (if there is a total amount below 200 CZK, an excess will be given you back in terms of bank period; in case of total amount above 200 CZK missing amount will be deducted automatically). If there is anything wrong with the payment, you will receive an email with the link to the payment gateway, where you can pay for your drive.

How much does a ride cost?

The cost consists of two parts – payment for the rental time (29 CZK/ for every hour commenced) and payment for the travelled distance t (4.9 CZK / for every commenced km).
We want to make the renting advantageous even for more days. For each commenced 24 hours you pay for only the first 10 hours. The price for travelled distance doesn't change.

What should I do if my car runs out of gas?

In each car is a CCS card located, which can be used for paying at chosen gas stations. PIN is available in the app in section Information about the vehicle. When returning the car, the fuel tank has to be at least half full.

How does it work with cleanliness observance of vehicle interior?

Our ambassador team looks after the cleanliness of vehicles, who checks regularly the condition. Leave a car in a condition, in which you would like to borrow it.

What should I do if the car won't be alright before my drive? (scraped, crashed, extremely dirty etc.)?

Please contact our helpline.

I parked the car in an underground parking and I am not able to lock or unlock the car. What should I do?

Unfortunately, the car is still controllable only over the app where is coverage of a GSM mobile signal. The easiest solution is to try repark for example in a higher floor with better signal coverage or in outdoor parking. If the car is closed, but could not be opened, it could have lost the signal after locking. In this case, please call our helpline and they will find a solution.

Is the car insured? How much will I pay for the damage I have caused?

Our cars are insured and the participation is 1% of the damage caused, at least 1000 CZK.

What am I supposed to do in the case of accident?

Always call our helpline, that will help you in these cases.